Monday, July 16, 2007

The effect of the media on the Star of today & tommorrow

A man is a hero, capable of no mistakes and is infallible, that is if he makes no mistakes. But the moment he strays astray, a small blip, he's fallible, he is no longer capable or neither worthy . I'm not saying this, but unfortunately the media is doing this & unfortunately people like you & me believe the same and lead a chorus of unfounded criticism.

The media have always been a powerful medium for a group of intellects to promote their ideas, to voice their opinion and hence sway the publice. They've always been an important medium all through history and consequently presses have taken advantage of this power to sway opinions, often to aid a political party or nationalistic cause driven by a party.

Today, the situation is far worse. With so many news channels and news mediums, the competition is so stiff that they resort to drastic tactics to bring out news and that too "Breaking News". So what better targets and sources of news than, the news relating to our prominent faces in public, i.e Politicians, sportsmen, musicians, etc. Every single word, every single step is analyzed beyond belief, insights to why he or she did so and so or what he or she meant or implied. To what music the star listens to, to what his or her friends in school thought of him or her, or even to their crushes.

One of the best examples in recent times has been the rise of British Formula 1 rookie, Lewis Hamilton. He's only 22 years of age and is stepping into F1 for the first time and with relative lack of knowledge compared with his peers. For that matter he racing against a double world champion in his team. Everyone, expected to him to be midfield and this is to be a struggling & learning season for the rookie. But to pleasant surprise of many he has been revelation, he has steadily gathered up the podiums and won a couple of races and beating his double world champion teammate pretty regularly. And the hype was unprecedented, he was a national hero, he was compared to the greats such as Schumacher, Senna, etc. Albeit, he has just competed in a handful of races. The hype was so much that, he couldn't live in his own country. He has considered migrating to an another nation, an entire nation gone Lewis Mania. Unfortunately, he had couple of mediocre races, not that bad, picked up a few podiums though. But for the media, what he had done was sacrilege, he had become useless, a cocky kid and not good enough. Somehow everyone forgot all the previous races, somehow all forgot he has just been around for 8-9 GrandPrix. To hero to zero in a couple of races.

In this age of such intense scrutiny, it takes very little to sway from a hero to a zero and back to a hero. All of your accomplishments, good or bad are forgotten within a few moments. Some could handle it, the likes of Schumacher, Jordan, Beckham, have all bounced back with the bang, but some others who couldn't handle it and have faded away with the sunset.Eventually, the mode in which he or she conducts himself or herself determines his career forth. Not everything you hear is true.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Relevancy of traditions in the modern world

"Tradition and modernization are incompatible. One must choose between them."

One of Man's enduring abilities has been his capability to pass on traditions through generations and generations. Custom&rituals followed by our ancestors are still practised & evn followed today. But at the same time, comes a question about how compatible these customs are and how relevant are they today.

Conflicts between the traditional side of life & modern side of life are common. Lot feel, that only one can exist and that one must choose between. I tend to disagree with this argument, I feel that both can co exist. After all one must agree that, lot of these customs & rules laid by our ancestors are pretty relevant even today & are better not being disturbed. But at the same time, one must also agree some of them are also irrelevant in today's world. Some of the modern traditions are also pretty good and at the same time some are also rubbish.

If you look at olden times, families were more closer, the bind between them were so much more stronger & weren't driven by money. Today's concept of nuclear families I feel isn't all that healthy. People visit parents & siblings once in a while. You might meet at a marriage or maybe at a funeral. If families were much more closer, its a healthy thing for all concerned. You don't leave you parents all alone, you take care of them even in their old ages and your children are so much better having cousins to spend time with and get close with. Whatever said, the relationship between families is something that is very different from friends. In today's world you'll find, families who still maintain relationships with their relatives who are so much happier than those who don't.

But at the same time you need to look at some of the old customs such as women being housewives & not allowed to work. These customs in today's world is pretty outdated. After all women too want to work and explore the world and themselves and shouldn't have to confine themselves to a household. People who complain that, they don't get time to take care of their children are pretty ridiculous, it's the duty of both the husband & wife to take care of their children and not alone the wife's.

As life goes by, we might find situations where more & more traditions seem irrelevant and modernization might play a bigger role, but one must never forget those core traditions that made us such a strong race but at the same time forget those who made us weak as well. Its all about balancing... And that we must...

Monday, July 02, 2007


A century or more ago, a few women and men, stood up against the society and their ways and made important statements. Strived a lot and conseqeuently was persecuted a lot for all their efforts at making our lives better, for making us the see the truth. For today we no longer have to live in a world of Sati, heretic or even a society where african americans aren't allowed into restaurants or other social places.

No matter how much we try to run or try to supress, the truth is always exactly what it is, the truth. Hides in the veil of lies, pretending not to know or pretending to helpless, we all do. After all we all expect somebody tomorrow will make it right, but at the same time hoping that it wouldn't upset anyone. Unfortunately, to move the earth you need to shake the ground and make the ocean shudder and do it today, not tomorrow, for it never comes.

Such gigantic movements are important in the timeline of life. No matter how hard its criticized, over time it gives society at large a pill, which eradicates the wrong, makes the light be seen, makes life better. Today, Sati is detested and deplored. The very mention of such words cause people to be up in arms. But the very same fact of life, around 100-150 years ago was an accepted ritual of India life. People like Raja Rama Mohan Roy had to endure the rebukes and the alientation of society. But thankfully to their divine powers to forsee what most couldn't realize and push for such reforms that our lives are ten fold better than what once was.

Come the protests, the burning of effigies or even the calling of religious gods to bring hell, we need to push for such important statements in life, to wake up the society, open their eyes to their mistakes and errors of their ways. For someday these important moments will stir a nation to wake up, will make for a better and brighter future.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Right to Know,Right to Question

Questions, a man is fueled by, to quench his unending desire to know the answer.Since the ancient times, man has always questioned, question rituals, theories and even society. But too often, man has abided rather than question. Too often men in higher positions have gotten away with acts which have gone unquestioned.

If right from the childhood, pupils are encouraged rather than disperiated to question facts, theories, notions and customs, it develops a very healthy desire to know more, to explore more.

Firstly, they allow a pupil's mind to develop and to stray away from the banal thoughts and facts. They allow the mind to flourish, and the brain to develop. They allow students to be engaged, rather than being incurious during lectures. Secondly, it makes students more fit to come forth and speak his/her mind and takes away the uneasiness that is so common that it balks an individual's urge to speak up and is often difficult to aver oneself later on in life.

Thirdly, any student who is skeptical and ready to question, will learn better. It induces a sense of self interest, an urge to seek more, an urge to learn more. Parents and Teachers would no longer have to adjure their children/students to study. Fourthly, such acts of questioning by students would cease all sense of complacency with the teachers, would make any teacher prepare and research more than that what he or she would've normally been ready to. It would make teachers more prepared and hence the quality of teaching would improve drastically. A teacher who is ready to do more and dwell more and is knowledgable is more amiable and respected than a teacher who just dictates as written in the text.

More often than not, parents and teachers feel learning is about the grades and is about who comes first or second. But it isn't, learning is about becoming enlightened, while grades are important, it shouldn't be the driving force. And for the important steps such as learning, if you're not ready to question or ready to be inquisitive, then for what steps can you?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


No man is perfect, no man is complete either. So when Artists, whether in field of music, paintings or other forms of art perform or exhibit their artistic talents, one expect people to both criticize as well as appreciate it. For the opinion is in the eyes of the beholder. And those very eyes may visualize or may not visualize what the artist had expected to carry across. Any artist need to take both the positives and the negatives, weigh them and understand where they're coming from. And look into himself and his work to see whether there is any truth in these opinions. No man should blindly believe any take on his work.

Acclaim, is what all artist look for and stride for, but the true strength of any artist is when he can swallow his pride and read into it his critics and analyze his work and understand if in any way there is truth in those critical letters. So often, critics, who have no knowledge of the subject, no taste in art are allowed to write columns and reviews, that they're readily dismissed by the artist. And hence real critics are drowned out. Look at today's movies, even if how terribly a movie does, there is someone who still has found the movie to be 5 stars or an excellent movie. Too often the reserve has happened, when prominent sources have given thumps down to good works of art. The problem today is there are so many critics that, you're not sure who to listen to and who actually has some sense of artistic sense.

For this I suggest that artists should pick a set of critics, who he believes are, not always producing 5 or 4 stars, but are honest and have a good sense of art that he or she can truly trust or depend upon. For any artist is capable of improving his or her work, is surely able to see different views of point, and these sort of exercises in this direction are very helpful.

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Monday, June 18, 2007


Its funny to see a many have some misconceptions about the way I'm in a relationship. Its very funny when you see many say words like "You've ditched us" or "You've changed" or even "You act all goody in front of her", its hilarious to be quiet honest...

I mean when people say, when you other half is in town that you don't act yourself. I mean if you can't really act yourself in front of her, then who can you act yourself in front of. See one thing is clear in my mind, that of all the people, she comes first, she's the one I would mind going the extra mile and that she's the one who you want to go for. If I didn't feel any of this, what sort of a person can I be.. Yes, she's is much more important that anybody else.What is so difficult for people to understand this...

At the same time, I do reserve a lot of time for my friends, its a balance, and a balance that's tipped in her favor of course, but nevertheless a balance. And its not like she doesn't know how I'm, I don't have any secrets which she doesn't know. So when people say I will not touch beer or do my normal things when she's around. I laugh.. Laugh a lot...

For all people want to fall in love or have a girl, but they seem so against the idea of doing something extra for her or being there for her...Then why do you people bother to fall in love.. Step aside and just don't fall..or just shut it and let other people who're in love to let be...

The Word Disappointment

You know, that's the worst emotion that you feel. Whether its when you lose, or when you don't even come close to finishing, or when somebody close lets you down or basically when you don't get something that you expected.

For a life of 22 years, there are have been a quiet a few of them and at the same time good times too of course. But for our human natures allow us only to remember more vividly the disappointments. For whatever reasons...

For me the biggest disappointment is when somebody close or near does something that you didn't expect them to do or act likewise. There have been so many instances of that, when I've seen acts which I couldn't comprehend for the love of god. These aren't big things, but a cluster of small things causes you to have a bad taste in your mouth. When you at the very same situation there were in would've acted so very differently, it makes you sometimes wonder, whether at the end of the day if you're alone in this world or at least the world that you think out to be. When people bicker or say petty things about money or about a small thing such a going an extra mile to drop you friend or about something else. It hurts and its sucks. Is this because I'm not able to see that I do the same thing I don't know. For I know that I wouldn't even think of the not dropping my friend just because I need to go an extra mile or some other bullshit like that..

Things like that stand out... And they stand out badly... When people doubt your judgment, when the very people that you call friends turn against you, when the people you're willing to do a lot for, start bickering and doubting you...Those emotions you never forget, at least I don't...And I don't why, but maybe its because, its from the people that you least expect to act like that and in the end they did...Oh well...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Doing the Right Thing

Its funny.. We always know what the right thing is, but we seldom do it...

Today evening, I was out on Brigade Road, was about to head back home. Then I thought, why not go to the pub & have some beer and head back home. Then I thought I should curb on having beer, so I thought I would get to Corner House and have one of their delicious Ice Cream. But then I thought I should cut down on my ice cream. For nearly twenty minutes, I was in dilemma, I knew doing that I would regret it, but somehow the temptation was a bit too much. I didnt know what to do, whether to go to Corner House or go to Pub World or just head back home. Even though I knew that doing any of that wouldn't be good, I still wanted to. Even though I knew this, I still was in a dilemma. Luckily for me I decided against either and headed back home and wrote this blog..

But very often most of us dont do that. We do the wrong things even though we know we shouldn't. We always believe tomorrow will be the day when we set things set right, but never does tomorrow turn up. Its about now or never. And that is the Right Choice...You Hate it but you know its right...If you're able to listen to it, well and good...If you can't, try to once in a while, you'll be more happier, maybe not that moment but a later stage down the road